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Siasia, Coach of Super Eagle has yesterday revealed that
arrangements have been concluded for the Eagles to
honour the international friendly by repeating the friendly match that Eagles played with Argentina on 1st June which resulted to the defeat of Argentina by 4-1. That's Nigeria 4 and Argentina 1. FIFA investigated on that friendly match and said that the match should be repeated.
Siasia, held a series of meetings with NFF top officers on the game, said the decision to honour the match was in line with the team’s desire to play top friendly matches, especially on FIFA free days.

Eagles will play against Argentina on September 9.
including that the contract has already been signed. Moreover, we need such a high profile
match, which will be good for our rebuilding process.

Siasia said that after the 2012 Africa Nations Cup qualifier against Madagascar on August 6, the Eagles would fly
business class to Bangladesh in order to stay fresh for the game. Meanwhile, Siasia, who is expected to depart for Rio de’ Jeneiro, Brazil, tomorrow for the
FIFA 2014 World Cup qualifying draws to be staged in the South
American country, has said hewas not responsible for the sack of Argentina’s coach, Sergio Batista, who was relieved of hisjob on Monday by the Argentina Football Association.

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That's great. I believe Super Eagle can still defeat Argentina but do you think it will still be as high as 4-1 causing I doubt it

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