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1 I will do my best for Man United on Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:06 am

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Manchester United’s Nani is
hoping to build on his 'best year'
with the Red Devils and show he
can do much more for the club.
The Portuguese winger has now
entered his fifth season at Old
Trafford and has become an
integral part of the team, but
admits that he will continue to
work hard to try to improve.
He told Inside United: "Last year
was my best year, definitely my
most consistent season, now I
hope this is my year."
"I will do my best. If I am fit for
every game, I am 100 percent
sure I will do my best and will do
well for my team."
"This is a big chance to show I
can do much more, that I'm a
good player with a very strong
mentality. I always work hard to
be successful and help my team
to win titles."
"It's true. I'm one of the old
players now. This is my fifth
season here and yes, five years is
enough to learn everything
about this club. I've been in the
most important moments of this
club in the last few years, and it's
great, the life I've had here."
Nani has long been compared to
fellow Portuguese winger and
former United team-mate
Cristiano Ronaldo, who is now at
Real Madrid, although the former
Sporting Lisbon man admits that
he is unaffected by the
He said: "For five years, every
time the question is the same.
It's all about Ronaldo. You have
to be him. Are you doing the
same? Do you think you can do it
"Always when I do something
good it's the same. When I do OK,
it's nothing. When I do
something very good, they come
with this question about him. But
it's OK. It doesn't change
anything in me.
"This is my fifth year here and
people know what I can do.
Sometimes I play a nice game,
sometimes I play not such a
fantastic game, but I think
everyone knows me and what I
can do. Maybe my form has to be
more consistent and my
performances in the past should
be like that."

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